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Product list

Text Box: Only manufacture of WOOME decoration machine in Iran
 (12 models )
Text Box: Manufacture of Heat transfer machine
Wood , stone and marble effect on metals
 ( 38 Models  )
Text Box: Manufactures of complete powder coating application equipments
Manual , semi and full automatic lines
Text Box: Importer of heat and water transfer films and papers
Text Box: Importer of powder coatings

Text Box: Manufactures  of water transfer printing machine on non- metal materials 

(wood ,stone and marble effect on Plastics)
Text Box: Importer of CNC router , laser ,plasma
Water jet and air flame machines 
Page 7. Product list
Text Box: Manufacture of MDF curving systems
+ Vacuum press on curved MDF. 
Text Box: Importer of edge banders
Text Box: Importer of computer panel saw
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Text Box: Manufacture of P.T. systems for metals
Text Box:  Importer  of  Manual panel saw
Text Box: Importer of vertical powder coating application systems for aluminum profiles

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Habibi Industrial Group